PTT FDY Masterbatch

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PTT, or Polytrimethylene terephthalate, is a new type of polyester fiber. PTT fiber has the characteristics of polyester, nylon and acrylic. The products include PTT filament, PTT staple fiber and PTT BCF carpet yarn. 
MHK is a professional manufacturer of masterbatches for PTT BCF carpet yarn. The products provided are bright and stable in color and excellent in spinning performance.


Bright and stable color, good temperature resistance, long spinning cycle, good dispersion, good weather resistance, no migration, widely used in national defense and military textiles and civil textiles

  • Polyester masterbatch product category

  • Polyester BCF masterbatch

  • Polyester FDY masterbatch

  • Polyester POY masterbatch

  • Polyester industrial filament masterbatch

  • Polyester staple fiber masterbatch

  • Polyester non-woven masterbatch

Product quality index(different for different types of masterbatch

  • Appearance: uniform particles, no dust

  • Moisture content: 0.4%

  • Color difference (CLELAB): 2.00.2

  • Melting point: 220°C

  • Heat resistance: 280℃

  • Filterability (DF value): 1.5bar•c㎡/g

  • Environmental protection: all products comply with ROHS standards