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Peach Pink Masterbatch -R-1616 PE Carrier

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MHK high concentration pigment dispersion treatment technologies: it must be properly wetted, ground, depolymerized, dispersed, evenly distributed and stable to obtain the maximum color intensity, gloss and hiding power. 
Instead of PP, PE plastics use pigment powder, MHK high concentrates does not pollute the production environment and is more suitable for dark color plastic products. 
Peach pink masterbatch -R-1616 PE carrier, with 60% peach pink

Features and advantages

  • MHK high concentrated masterbatches have attractive dark color with high gloss

  • The outdoor weathering data obtained in various directions and climatic conditions prove its long-term color fixation performance

  • When the extended palette is combined with low solar heat accumulation pigments, the amount of energy required to achieve full-color development is also different.

  • A good way to determine the excellent dispersion time of pigment is to conduct dispersion research, in which the formulation designer will determine the time and energy required to develop the pigment to its full strength by evaluating its color characteristics.

  • MHK single pigment dispersion is an excellent method to obtain the full-color development value of a given pigment