Plastic Color Designer

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MHK high concentration pigment dispersion treatment technologies: it must be properly wetted, ground, depolymerized, dispersed, evenly distributed and stable to obtain the maximum color intensity, gloss and hiding power. The stability of pigment dispersion requires time and energy. Dispersion additives are oligomers that can stabilize pigments and avoid re agglomeration. 
Instead of PP, PE plastics use pigment powder, which does not pollute the production environment and is more suitable for dark color plastic products


Features and advantages

  • Customized color according to samples

  • Customized color according to Pantone number

  • Customized color for special applications

  • We can offer you almost any color you can think of

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About MHK​​​​​​​
MHK is a China-based performance masterbatch company that designs and manufactures color masterbatches, additives, and specialty color effects.​​​​​​​
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