Plastic Dinnerware Color Masterbatch

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Plastic products PP, PE, PET tableware, knives and forks shall be applied with strict color requirements, and the plastic colorant shall comply with the provisions of 21cfr 178.3297 of FDA regulations: The amount of the colorant of the polymer in contact with the food migrated into the food will not cause any color effect of the food on the naked eye. Colorants shall be used under GMP conditions, and their dosage shall not exceed the reasonable dosage required to achieve coloring effect. 
The regulation gives the permitted colorants and their limited dosage in plastic products in the list of permitted substances. Requirements for optical brighteners and fluorescent bleachers are not included. MHK products have FDA certification.


  • Standard and customized colors

  • Customized color intensity according to specific applications

  • Laser marking color

  • Pre-coloring mixture

  • Heavy metal-free formula