Polyamide BCF Masterbatch

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Polyamide fiber has excellent physical properties and is more and more widely used in daily life. However, the characteristics of PA resin lead to the difficulty of coloring and material selection before polyamide fiber spinning. 
MHK color matching engineers have rich experience in the selection of pigments and dyes, and make the best color matching scheme according to the specific color and technical requirements of nylon samples.


MHK Polyamide BCF masterbatch uses special materials with good temperature resistance and good dispersibility, stable quality and high temperature resistance. The products are widely used in polyamide.

  • Appearance: uniform particles, no dust

  • Moisture content: ≤0.5%

  • Heat resistance: ≥280℃

  • Light fastness: ≥level7

  • Weather resistance: ≥Level 4

  • Environmental protection: all products comply with ROHS standards