Reinforced Flame Retardant PBT Plastic

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Polybutylene terephthalate (PBT) is an engineering plastic with excellent properties. It has excellent toughness and fatigue resistance, heat resistance, weather resistance, good electrical properties and low water absorption. Strengthening and flame retardant modification of PBT can significantly improve the heat resistance, modulus, dimensional stability and flame retardancy of PBT. The modified PBT products are widely used in automotive, electronic and electrical industries


  • Bromine flame retardant material with good heat resistance

  • Light resistance and impact strength

  • Little effect on the mechanical properties of the composites

  • According to the flame retardant mechanism, it can significantly reduce the content of hydrogen bromide in gas, and this kind of flame retardant has good compatibility with matrix resin, and there is no phenomenon even under harsh conditions