Rheological Masterbatch MHK-T-A1896

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MHK high rheological masterbatch eliminates the phenomenon of melt fracture.After plastic heated and melted, sheared, mixed and transported by the screw, and flows out through the die head of the extruder, due to the formula and processing factors, the product surface becomes rough with burrs, resulting in the fracture of the plastic melt. Such products are unqualified and affect the output.


Function details

  • Eliminate melt fracture

  • Excellent flow performance, good dispersion and easy to use

  • The base material is free of impurities and has small hardness, which has very low damage to the processing equipment

  • The basic material has no impurities, low hardness, and extremely low damage to the processing equipment

  • Improve the thickness uniformity and dimensional stability of plastic products

  • Reduce the costs of products and improve product quality without affecting the products' properties