Standard Black Masterbatch

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The standard black masterbatch uses easy-to-mix carrier resin, to meet the requirements of carbon black content, coloring strength, UV absorption and conductivity in your application, and achieve the lowest cost as far as possible.
 According to your requirements and product applications, MHK will help you find the right color solution.


Suitable for coloring applications where the main drivers are color and cost; Product applications include:

  • Polypropylene Composites

  • Thick wall extrusion

  • Injiection molded parts


Suitable for natural tone coloring applications requiring color consistency, good dispersion and post addition; Product applications include:

  • Injection molded parts

  • Sheet

  • General purpose compounds

  • Industrial film


Suitable for applications where dispersion, chemical or physical properties are important; Product application include:

  • Pressure pipe

  • Auto TPO

  • Film

  • FDA

  • Geomembrane