The application of black masterbatch

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The application of black masterbatch

Red yellow blue yellow + blue = green red + yellow = orange (more red and less yellow, commonly known as orange red) grass green blue green (more blue and less yellow) blue purple (more blue and less red) yellow gray (orange plus yellow) blue gray (green plus purple) red gray (Orange plus purple) Green + yellow less = grass green iron red + Black = coffee grass green = green more + yellow less bean paste = iron red + yellow less

(blue) + (red) = (purple) (red) + (yellow) + (blue) = (black) Common natural color pink rose red = pure white + rose red dark red = rose red + pure black Chu Shi red = rose red + Lemon Yellow + pure black blue-green = grass green + sky blue light gray blue = sky blue + pure black + pure purple yellow green = lemon yellow + grass green pink purple = pure white + pure purple pink lemon yellow = lemon yellow + pure white orange = lemon yellow + Rose Red

Bright red + lemon yellow = orange, bright red + lake blue = violet. Adding more bright red is rose red, bright red + grass green = ripe brown, lemon yellow + violet = ripe brown, lake blue + violet = green lotus. If you want to lighten the color, add white (you can gradually lighten it according to the increase of the amount of white). If you want to darken the color or gray, add black (black can darken with a little). Among many colors, you can boldly color, the amount of weight and the effect of adjustment are different. We remind you to remember one important point: purple can't add yellow, green can't add red, blue can't add orange. Because the complementary colors are very dark gray or black.

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