• Human Planet Property

    As our customers, prospects, community members or investors, we know that sustainable products, practices and services are extremely important to you. The sustainability of the solutions we provide to meet your goals and our own operations is also crucial to us. We are committed to meeting current needs without sacrificing the future. We are committed to creating value for our customers, employees, communities and shareholders through our commitment to ethical, sustainability and financial responsibility standards

  • MHK sustainable solution combination

    MHK sustainable solution to indicate that those products or services meet the definition standards such as renewal capacity, recycling capacity, reusability, environmental protection of ingredients or resource utilization, including:

    • Renewable: The solution is based on or the supports the uses of renewable, compostable or biodegradable resources.
    • Reusable: packaging and other logistics related systems are easy to recycle and reuse.
    • Recyclable: a solution that integrates post consumer or post industrial recyclable content or makes it recyclable on its own.
    • Environmental protection of ingredients: provide alternative solutions for traditional materials such as lead, bisphenol A (BPA), phthalate or halogen according to the changing market demand.
    • Resource utilization: solutions that can protect the earth's resources, such as those that can improve productivity, reduce component weight or material consumption, accelerate cycle time or reduce energy consumption or provide better insulation characteristics.